November 6, 2010

not sure whether to laugh or cry. probably both.

ht: julie

5 Responses to “Seminary”

  1. Interesting video and yes, I would say its a combo of sadness and laughter. Laughter that today’s society would find such stereotypes in everything from women to seminary students and sadness because this is still in the hearts and minds of many congregants in our present time. This sentiment is unfortunately not just a male feeling as many females I encounter feel the same. I have been pondering lately on what will be our legacy as women as Christian women to the next generation. How do we stop this continued cycle, but not only that how do we show the greatness in being women called by our Lord and Savior…thank you for your website and the post… I have much more to think about today!

  2. Ellen Says:

    As a PhD student researching exactly this issue…this is way to close to the bone. Outstanding video capturing the essence of what women have to navigate to be faithful to their leadership gifts. Love the part about going to a radical seminary that teaches post-colonial thought — then the follow up comment that congregations won’t be able to handle it. That was so awesomely funny…and true!

  3. True and scary. In the forums at some Christian websites, women are not allowed to post that they are in seminary, or are preparing for ministry. I have to wonder when women will be seen as believers, and not just the wives of believers. Our faith is not seen as anything other than secondary to that of men.

  4. J.M. Roberts Says:

    This is my life right now! I have always thought that preacher/pastor was a career I would like to pursue, but grew up in a church where women don’t lead so I didn’t go to Bible college because I thought I, as a woman, couldn’t preach. Secular college changed my mind about that, and now I am looking at entering seminary in August. I have to decided whether to stick with my denomination or go to a different denominational seminary. I have been told by my current church that they accept women in leadership roles, such as worship leader and even can give communion meditation. “But you proabaly won’t find a woman in the pulpit.” I do not want to accept this limitation, because I feel God is calling me to be a speaker and leader, not just a Sunday School teacher. I am welcomed as a teacher in my adult class by men and women twice my age. Yet I am told I cannot preach. Do I leave that congregation and go to one where women are accepted in all roles, or do I stay and try to fight for my right to stand in the pulpit, especially once I have completed a preaching class and will need the practice? The seminary will accept me (so they claim), but will my church? Will I ever actually get a job? It’s a rough road. Thanks for showing me I’m not alone.

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