real manhood. by ann voskamp. wow.

March 21, 2013

i’m not sure if ann voskamp is a christian feminist but boy does she sound like one here:

The thing is: Real Manhood means you hallow womanhood. A woman isn’t a toy to amuse your lusts, a thing to aggrandize your ego, a trophy to adorn your manhood. A woman is of your rib, who birthed your rib, who cupped your rib, who is meant to be gently cherished at your rib, at your side.

The culture of boys will be boys — means girls will be garbage and you were made for more than this, Son. Your Dad and I believe boys will be godly and boys will be honoring and boys will be humble.

 from: after steubenville: 25 things our sons need to know about manhood  i highly recommend you read her whole post. it’s amazing.

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